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Latin American Fusión Street Food Truck.

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Che Grill was created in a burst of imagination and excitement as part of the first group of Food Trucks to venture and explore South Florida communities. Food Trucks were a novelty and we wanted to bring authentic Latin American Fusion cuisine to this new culinary movement that was sweeping the United States.

As a family-run business we wanted to offer what we would serve at home: High quality beef – the premiere symbol of Latin American Fusion cuisine – served with homemade sauces. The stakes are grilled to order and presented on freshly baked bread, baked right on the truck to insure crispness and delight. We also offer Home made Baked empanadas “empanadas”.

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Birthdays, weddings, lunches, dinners, breakfasts and many more things we are able to do.

Fast Service

Catering services, more than 500 people and we have service for lunch time.

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Our customers are witness to our good service. We are your first choice. (Click for Events)

High quality

Local products, house flavors and most importantly fresh food.
Amazing food and the best atention. Nothing like this people.

Juan Beltran

I love this Food truck!

Andy River

Perhaps the most incredible Food Truck in the Miami.

Jimmy Stone

Yes, We do Catering

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Tel: +1 (786) 241 8921


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